CEP is dedicated to developing the theory and understanding the practice of community energy planning.

A knowledge synthesis, management and mobilization project by Abhi.


What is a Community Energy Plan? What are the defining and distinguishing attributes of a CEP? What do community energy planners do?

Perspectives from Planning
  • Process vs outcome
  • Empirical rationality vs transactional vs participatory vs advocacy
  • Civics vs politics of planning
  • Planning for community vs planning with/within community
  • Drivers for planning? Goals vs vision vs issues vs opportunities vs trends
  • Comprehensive vs Strategic vs incremental planning
  • Planning for people vs planning for place
  • Pragmatism in planning theory



Who does CEP? What role do markets vs municipal govt/staff vs communities play? Where does leadership emerge from and how can it be sustained?

Perspectives from Transition Management
  • Management vs governance vs administration
  • Exploration vs exploitation
Perspectives from Multi-level Governance
  • Responsive vs reflexive
  • Collaboration vs cooperation vs coordination (across levels) (also a debate in public administration)